Q&A Tuesday: FREE Parent Support

43 minutes

00:46 – 4 year old won’t go to sleep: how to help your child overcome separation anxiety at bedtime, step by step

07:22 – Feeling overwhelmed as a mom: how to fill your cup so you can be a ‘good enough’ parent

10:23 – 2 year old tantrums: why I don’t recommend Time Outs and what to do instead

13:44 – 3 year old crying when mom goes to work: how to help your toddler cope with separation

15:33 – 4 year old struggling with eating and sleeping: how to reduce stress and power struggles through playfulness

19:51 – 9 year old can’t sleep with anxiety: how to use simple anxiety management strategies to help her drift off to sleep

23:16 – 9 year old feeling anxious about school: how to increase feelings of safety at school

25:33 – 3 year old fussy eater: how to help picky eaters

28:33 – Reclaim Parenthood membership for parents: get on the waiting list here

29:51 – Anxiety and nail-biting: how ‘worry time’ can help with Covid anxiety

33:24 – Nail cutting and sensory sensitivities

35:19 – How to help your child cope when things don’t go their way or people don’t play by the rules

39:41 – 5 year old misbehaving since going back to school: how seeing the mind beneath the behaviour helps you see connection is the answer

5 Secrets of Crisis Parenting

6 minutes


At times of crisis, there are five things parents really need to focus on:

  1. Mind yourself first. Manage your own stress levels so that you are better able to manage your child’s emotions
  2. Focus on parental presence, not perfection
  3. Make sure your expectations are developmentally appropriate don’t be surprised if you notice some regression in behaviour
  4. Encourage your children to play and be playful in your interactions
  5. If you lose your cool, as we all do from time to time, say sorry and reconnect

Free Parent Support

22 minutes long

01:54 How to get your children to listen to you first time!

04:49 How dyslexia is linked to school-related anxiety and what you should do about it

08:45 How to have more enjoyable connected family meals

11:10 Some ideas on managing screen time

12:21 How to address sibling rivalry, anxiety, emotional outbursts and poor impulse control

16:02 How to answer big questions asked by little kids

16:57 ‘Name it to Tame it’ and emotional coaching to stop sibling rivalry and help children find a win-win solution