3 Secrets to Stress-Free School Mornings

...to take you from morning mayhem to calm connection!

With a little planning, preparation and practice, you can enjoy stress-free school mornings.

Whether your kids are in preschool, primary or secondary school, discover the 3 secrets to stress-free schooling mornings...so you can all start the day feeling calm and connected.


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    Catherine Hallissey

    Child Psychologist

    Who am I?

    I'm a child psychologist and mother of 5 young kids. A few years ago, after one particularly chaotic school morning, I declared "Enough is enough!" and I set about designing a morning routine that fostered calm connection in my home. I've successfully used this checklist with many families in my clinic and I hope it brings more calm into your home too!

    What will you learn?

    • The 3 secrets to stress-free school mornings
    • The exact steps I use in my home to go from Morning Mayhem to Calm Connection (well, most of the time!)