Q&A Tuesday: FREE Parent Support

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43 minutes

00:46 – 4 year old won't go to sleep: how to help your child overcome separation anxiety at bedtime, step by step

07:22 – Feeling overwhelmed as a mom: how to fill your cup so you can be a ‘good enough' parent

10:23 – 2 year old tantrums: why I don't recommend Time Outs and what to do instead

13:44 – 3 year old crying when mom goes to work: how to help your toddler cope with separation

15:33 – 4 year old struggling with eating and sleeping: how to reduce stress and power struggles through playfulness

19:51 – 9 year old can't sleep with anxiety: how to use simple anxiety management strategies to help her drift off to sleep

23:16 – 9 year old feeling anxious about school: how to increase feelings of safety at school

25:33 – 3 year old fussy eater: how to help picky eaters

28:33 – Reclaim Parenthood membership for parents: get on the waiting list here

29:51 – Anxiety and nail-biting: how ‘worry time' can help with Covid anxiety

33:24 – Nail cutting and sensory sensitivities

35:19 – How to help your child cope when things don't go their way or people don't play by the rules

39:41 – 5 year old misbehaving since going back to school: how seeing the mind beneath the behaviour helps you see connection is the answer

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