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  1. Hi Catherine

    Thank you for the very helpful seminar given to ICAI members today. I would be interested in joining “Reclaim Parenthood”. I am not on FB – can I still join?

    thank you

    1. Hi Jane,

      Thanks for your positive feedback on today’s seminar – it was a great experience for me too.

      I’m so delighted that you’re interested in joining my membership to Reclaim Parenthood. My vision is that this will be an incredible space to help you become the kind of parent you really want to be.

      Each month, I’ll guide you step-by-step to calm the chaos in your home and create a family life you love. This month, the focus will be on supporting your children to return to education and thrive!

      The membership includes:
      1. Live seminars with me
      2. Members-only Facebook community (For anyone not on Facebook, I suggest creating a friend-less account that you just use for the purposes of the membership. The videos will also be stored on my website and many people will just watch the videos. If you want to get the full benefit of the community supporting one another, I advise joining the facebook group)
      3. Guest expert talks

      The membership costs €20 a month or €180 for the year. The best thing about joining before Friday is that you become a founding member and you get to lock-in your membership at this price. This means that even though the price will increase for new members, YOUR price stays the same as long as there are no breaks in your membership.

      I sent you an email with the PayPal payment details.
      Looking forward to connecting with you inside the membership!
      All the best,

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