Forget Chocolate – Try This Novel Advent Calendar

James Wojcik

Every year, around this time, I look longingly at all the beautiful Advent Calendars in the shops. I know my daughter would ADORE one but I really don’t like the idea of giving her chocolate every day (I am trying to ensure she doesn’t end up a chocoholic, like me!).

Well, this year, my dilemma is over. I just came across a fantastic idea over on Read Aloud’s Facebook page. They suggest wrapping 25 children’s books and placing them under the Christmas tree, along with a special blanket. Every night, before bed, the children select one book to unwrap and then read together, snuggled up under the special blanket.

I will definitely be adopting this suggestion in lieu of an Advent calendar, with an extra special one for Christmas morning. I suspect it will become an annual tradition. I think my kids will love it even more than chocolate – especially seeing as the baby can’t eat yet. Best of all, it gives me a great excuse to indulge my book-buying habit, guilt-free!

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